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The artist Thierry LEDÉ is a photographer and sculptor. Traveling the world, he collected waste from earthlings stranded on its shores.


In 2008, with his artist friends, Gilles Cennazandotti and Charles Sansonetti, he founded the collective that would become the CleanArtPlanet association.

Today, Thierry invites you to discover these"memories of marine erosions",  fruits of his harvest years which reappear in the form of photographs of objects, elevated to the rank of works of art. 


Adopt an approach that extends his own, by appropriating his images. Thus, you hold an original artistic work, numbered, signed, authenticated, located by GPS. and QR code (via Google Map).           

This act is nothing other than taking an object out of the water, but it becomes of public utility and of universal necessity.


Contemporary art makes sense when it is shared,



CleanArtPlanet vous restitue l'objet.        _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_           _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_         Ce que vous achetez, en réalité, is the look placed on this object, its image, which consists of a print

photographic prestige, in the various formats offered for an edition of 50 prints per photographic work.

(the artist retaining his rights attached to the image, reproduction rights included.

All reproductions prohibited by third parties.) 


“The message conveyed by these photographs is not a final bottle thrown into the sea but, on the contrary, a profession of faith: to give back to the sea the tribute it deserves. There's a whale for 750,000 lighters, 5,000 tons of plastic bags, 600,000 flip-flops... when there's a whale, of course..."

Says Thierry LEDÉ.


“Without claiming to clean the sea, while only relieving it of a few small objects, I intend to clean the gaze posed on marine pollution. My action is the opposite ofsampling systematic of the living to which we indulge when we overfish. »he continues.


Art is a revelation and with his artist friends, Thierry is saddened to have to sum up their approach as follows: "the sea is not our future because it is our trash can that we never empty"

By becoming the purchaser of these photographs, you actively participate in the preservation of the Seas and Oceans, by allowing us to continue our quests & collections of objects stranded on the shores of our planet.


The more you like our new images, the more we will go to the beaches ... to clean them up!

Thierry Ledé for CleanArtplanet

Anxious to defend ecological values,

CleanArtPlanet strives to limit the energy expenditure associated with the dissemination of its message while preserving the environment and participating in sustainable development.

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