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  • .UV print or pigment print under 3mm acrylic glass, laminated on 2mm Dibond.
  • Frame returning to the back 3x2 cm. aluminum manufacturing @Nielsen.

BALL N° B9 CleanArtPlanet by Thierry Ledé - Series "Moriglia" 2008-18. - 50ex.

  • Photograph of ball N°B9, from objects collected by members of CleanArtPlanet on the shores of the World between 2008 and 2018. This work is available in 50x50 cm formats. and 100x100cm. Prints made in a professional laboratory. UV printing or pigment printing under 3mm acrylic glass. laminated on Dibond 2mm. Re-entrant aluminum frame 3x2 cm. manufactured by @Nielsen.The edition is 50 copies, signed and numbered. A label stuck on the back side, mentions the name of the author, the copy number, the series to which the image belongs, the signature of the author, the GPS coordinates of the place of collection of the object represented on the photograph, and the QR code corresponding to this specific location, via the google Map application. World delivery by carrier according to conditions. (See DELIVERY conditions)

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